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Cancer is curable

PSORIASIS a non-infectious, INFLAMMATORY disease of the BASAL LAYER OF SKIN, characterized by increased epidermal proliferation due to excessive division of basal layer cells and a shorter life cycle time.
PSORIASIS, sufferer suffering from this disease is between 15 and 40 yrs.
Psoriasis, the HOMOEOPATHIC CONCEPT of MIASM regarding this disease, as this disease shows sign and symptoms of BLEEDING along with CRACKS of the epidermal layer, means SYPHILITIC MIASM. As this disease shows excessive division of basal layer, means increase activity, PSORIC MIASM.
So, Homoeopathic concept of Miasm shows PSORIC AND SYPHILITIC CHARACTER OF PSORIASIS.
A Lady age 35 yrs having psoriasis hand and feet since yrs, caused due to BLOOD TRANSFUSION. CARCINOSINUM in HIGH potency was prescribed. After initial increase of symptoms for three months, she start getting better and after four months treatment she gets complete disappearance of cracks and bleeding scales.
A Male age 25 yrs having PLAQUE PATTERN PSORIASIS, having Genetic cause as his father has Psoriasis. Patient was prescribed psorinum high potency on family history of psoriasis. Then latter on SULPHUR high power and patient is improving a lot & cure in this case is still waiting by us. Many more cases record available with marvelous cure & many are improving.

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